Maine News Digest: November 1, 2020

You can still join in for socially-distanced canvassing in Maine.  Sign up here.  We need to get out every last Democratic vote for a win in the very tight races for Senate and President (2nd district).

Note: This is the last edition of Swing Left’s Maine New Digest before election day. A big thank you to everyone in Maine and elsewhere who has put a shoulder to the wheel to help elect Sara Gideon the next United States Senator from the Great State of Maine and, hopefully, make her part of a new Senate with a Democratic majority. From climate change and clean energy to health care, from education to a vibrant Maine economy, Sara Gideon is ready to tackle the big challenges ahead. Here, in a nutshell are Sara’s priorities:

Health care.  Sara believes that every single Mainer should have access to affordable and quality health care – it is a basic human right.

Education. Sara believes that each child in this country deserves a high-quality education, including early childhood education.

Taxes. It’s time for the wealthiest Americans and large corporations, who far too often benefit from changes in the tax code, to pay their fair share and reduce the burden on working families.  And to prevent Trump’s tax plan, which raises taxes on lower income families, from moving forward.

Climate change. Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges we face — affecting everything from our public health to our economy.  

Jobs and the economy: Sara believes we can do better for Maine families and small businesses and will fight for Maine’s jobs and economy in communities across the state by, among other things (1) prioritizing the needs of small businesses in our economic recovery and ensuring coronavirus relief for small businesses is distributed quickly and effectively to small businesses, not big corporations and special interests; (2) Investing in infrastructure development and technological advancements like rural broadband, which will help create the jobs of the future and revitalize rural communities in Maine; (3) raising the federal minimum wage to make a difference for thousands of hardworking Mainers; and (4) ensuring that we have fair trade policies that help Maine’s traditional industries, like logging and lobstering, which are essential to tens of thousands of jobs and to coastal and rural communities across the state.

Reproductive rights: Sara believes in the right to choose and that women should be making the most personal decisions that affect their health care.

For a fuller and more detailed statement of Sara’s priorities, please visit

A few other notes…

During the final Senate debate, Senator Susan Collins said, “I do not believe systemic racism is a problem in the state of Maine.” In her response, Sara Gideon said that systemic racism is manifest in institutions nationally and within Maine. “It doesn’t matter how white our state is, it still exists,” Gideon said. (The Maine Beacon, October 29, 2020.)

Susan Collins backed down from a fight with the private equity industry and now they are one of her major backers, making her the top recipient of private equity donations in the Senate. An investigation by Politico and ProPublica revealed how Collins, after dropping an effort to take away a private equity tax break, has since received more than $500,000 in campaign contributions from the private equity industry. In addition, Steven Schwarzman, the billionaire chairman and chief executive of private equity giant Blackstone, has given $2 million to a super PAC backing her. (Schwarzman, a major Republican donor, has also given $20 million to another super PAC supporting Collins and other Republican Senate candidates.) The failure of Collins’ amendment likely saved Schwarzman alone tens of millions of dollars in taxes, according to tax experts.

(Politico, October 29, 2020.)