“What Can I Do?”

The Best Use of Your Time Now? Canvassing!

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#ThatsWhy …I’m Voting for Sara Gideon

Swing Left Maine asked people from across the state their reasons for voting this fall. Here are some of their answers.



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Election Day 2020

About SwingLeft Maine

We’re Mainers passionate about working hard at the grassroots level to change the political landscape of Maine and in Washington. In 2018, we helped Swing Left in its goal to Flip the House by electing a Democrat to Maine’s Second District.

In 2020, our goal is to win “all the Houses” by helping Sara Gideon defeat Susan Collins in the Senate race, defending Jared Golden’s Congressional seat, and giving all four of Maine’s presidential electoral college votes to Joe Biden.

Like the 300,000 other volunteers who are part of Swing Left nationwide, we are committed to electing Democrats to restore our democracy.

“What Can I Do?”

The Best Use of Your Time Now? Canvassing! 

The Maine Dems have started door-to-door canvassing which is the “gold standard” of making connections with voters. They are using strict Covid-19 precautions, with full PPE and social distancing, as well as training in safety, all required before you can start.

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If you’ve wondered about the most effective use of your time in this critical and very tight race, this is it. We’ll be canvassing undecided voters and folks we know haven’t yet voted to make sure we turn out as many votes for Sara Gideon and Joe Biden as possible.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Many of you are searching for a way to help send Susan Collins packing and deny Trump even the 1 electoral college vote he won here in 2016. There are many different opportunities for volunteers—some easy and fun, others that require more of a willingness to work outside your comfort zone. Here are just some of the ways we empower activists to make a concrete and tangible difference in the outcome of this election!

How to Respond to Collins’ Attack Ads

As the Senate campaign enters its final month, Maine is being blanketed by political ads from both Susan Collins and Sara Gideon. Sen. Collins has adopted several arguments originally created by out-of-state PACs in an effort to win re-election after 24 years in office. These ads often distort the truth.

This week we are doing something a little different with our News Digest. We are providing links to several ads being run against Sara Gideon and providing guidance on how volunteers can respond when asked about the issues raised. When you hear these arguments echoed by voters, here are ways you can respond on behalf of Sara Gideon.

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Contact us at SwingleftMaine@gmail.com or reach out to our Swing Left Maine Organizing Co-coordinators Amy@SwingLeft.org and Paula@SwingLeft.org